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Two things aided the decline

At least two things aided the decine in the wedding photog "business"

1) The switch from traditional (knowledgable, posed, creative, professional) photographic style to the popular "photojournalistic" style (go with the flow, shoot whatever you see, poses? we don't need no stinking poses! paparatzi style) Anyone watching "photojournalistic style" might assume they too, can shoot that way with a camera and no training.
At least one wedding "superstar" contributed - Dennis Reggie (comments welcome)

2) The availability of digital equipment. Film required THOUGHT, PLANNING, TECHNIQUE, and a good lab to rescue some shots. Digital gives instant feedback, the cost to enter the field is lower, and the cost of (some) products is lower too.

One of the advantages of joining a PROFESSIONAL organization we tell the "new wedding photogs" we find on CraigsList and elsewhere..is the development of a network of professionals where you can share gigs and gear, as well as cover for each other in an emergency. A client booked with you doesn't care if your car broke down, if you caught a cold, had a stroke, hit a deer coming back from the last weekend's wedding and you're still recovering, or passed away.

I dare say a high percentage of "newbie wedding photogs" will shoot 4-8 per year for 3-5 years and then tire of it and move on...making way for the next year's crop of newbies

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