Will I have problems using 7D as a beginner

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From one S3IS to DSLR newbie to another

I was right where you are 7 months ago and looking at upgrading from my much loved S3IS to a real camera. I was lucky enough to get a 40D at a good price and have been trying like mad to learn how to use it since.

So with my experience being so recent, I would really recommend you think about how much you like photography and how hard you want to work at it.

I really really wanted to get lots better and take lots better and different kind of shots than what I had been doing beforehand, so I was prepared to put some work into it, but I have still been overwhelmed with just how much I have had to learn about shooting in DSLR - and I am still in P mode and just venturing into experimenting with Av and Tv modes in the last month or so.

From what I understand the 7D is a fairly awesome camera but it might not be as newbie friendly as some of the other options. And I can tell you coming from the S3is you will be horrified at the weight - just the body alone is very heavy and add the glass to that, and its not a camera I would want to be carrying round for very long. I would compare it to the likes of the 500D if I was you.

My wrist gets sore enough with the 40D and the 70-200 F4 on on in Portrait mode

If you have done your homework and you really want the 7D for what its going to do for you, then go for it. But be prepared to work hard at learning how to use it, and be prepared for it to be months before you start to get reasonable pix out of it. I have been actively pushing myself to go out and shoot outside my comfort zone, go different places than i used to, with the aim of doing a specific thing (ie shooting waves at very fast shutter speed or roses on an overcast day) and try and learn something new while doing so.

To save my sanity, I started a Beginners Photo Blog where I keep track of my adventures, and the things I have learned, there might be some posts on here you find useful - check out the Blogroll - there are some good websites for beginners on there as well




Just remember, you are there to have fun Good luck with your decision!

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