Brand new 5DMKII - Is this fringing normal?

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Re: Brand new 5DMKII - Is this fringing normal?

correcting for it reduces fuzzies and sharpens things up

but since you can't 100% perfectly fix it having it to begin with means a tiny bit more fuzzies in the end at times

Lawrence Becker wrote:

I was also startled by the especially red CA that my 5DII and the 24-105 L exhibited. I took both the camera and lens to Canon, Irvine, and had them adjust the lens - they were able to get rid of about 50-75 % of the CA.

It can still be a bit of an issue when I shoot something light against a dark background, or something like tree branches against the sky, but it is fairly well corrected in ACR (a GREAT reason to always shoot RAW- and I don't mean without clothes... - Sorry).

I don't like having to correct CA - it's a little time consuming (but fairly easy), and I think it fuzzies up the edges that are being corrected. They don't seem as sharp - at least at the 100% actual pixel level. I DO have to say that even my ancient, much-maligned 17-35 2.8L with its nasty CA isn't as bad as my 24-105L was prior to being adjusted by Canon. With the CA adjustments in ACR, images from both lenses are now entirely usable.
Larry Becker

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