Can someone PLEASE offer advise/help?

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Re: RESOLUTION!!!!!!Re: Can someone PLEASE offer advise/help?


Thanks for posting the outcome. I will feel much better as a seller in the future. I sold a couple of lenses on Ebay a week ago. Believe me, I was nervous, thinking about what happened to you. I've sold higher priced items in the past without worrying too much, but now it bothers me a bit more. The buyer protection will take some of that concern away.

Based on your experience, I have decided to switch to using the post office for shipping higher priced sales. They automatically require a signature on anything insured for $200 or more. I don't know, but suspect the post office is probably better about actually getting a signature. I do know that I have never had a package left at the door by a postal carrier if a signature was required. In addition, they offer a lot of other options such as restricted delivery, return receipt of signature, etc. If anyone has had bad experiences with the post office in such matters I would really like to hear about them. This has been a very enlightening thread.


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