"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

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"Wedding Photography looks easy enough"....

....at least that is what part of an email from a guy read when I opened it last week.

I got an email from this guy asking if I had any tips as he had a wedding to shoot later in the month...he'd never shot one before but, he'd been to plenty and according to him, wedding photography looks easy enough and easy money.

It transpires he only had one camera which he'd just upgraded from a P&S to ( a D80) plus he had just got an 18-55 kit lens and 55-200 " for the "long stuff" and that was IT - no off-camera flash, no backups...no NOTHING... not even a tripod! At first I thought it was a windup from one of my mates but no, this guy was for real and he was adamant he could do it!

Now I've only just gone back to shooting weddings after a 10 year break and although I used to shoot them regularly, to be honest, I was still wandering around for days with a nipped bottom, worrying if I had overlooked anything, as it was such a long time since I'd last done it!

My partner and I went in two cars to make sure one got there, I took 5 camera bodies + 10 lenses to cover every eventuality ( 2 MF and the rest digital bodies ) 2 Metz 45's and a CT 60, radio triggers, god knows how many battery packs and spare camera batteries, two meters, light stands etc etc! In fact it's easier to say what I didn't take! I even took hand warmers in my bags to keep the lenses from fogging when I went into the church.

Right now in the UK, the weather has been pretty bad and the day I shot the wedding ( Christmas Eve), there was a full 6-8 inches of snow, sub-zero temperatures and fog, so it couldn't have been much worse!

We got stuck in snow twice and had to be pushed out on the way to the brides home and on the way to the church. The bride had to go by 4 x 4 as no limo company would turn out in such bad weather.

The church was so dark, I had to shoot at 1/30th sec @ an overstretched 1600 ISO on a Fuji S5 with a Nikon 80-200 f2.8 wideopen on a tripod as the vicar wouldn't allow flash or even moving from the rear of the church during the service, which meant I could only shoot from one spot at the back of the church. On top, fog came down during the service and I had to deal with that too when we got outside! Even at mid-day I was only getting an outside reading of about 1/60th @400 ISO @f5. The church had to be cleared 15 minutes after the ceremony and the reception venue was too small to set up a backdrop and shoot the formals indoors so, they had to be done outdoors!

Now my point is, I got the wedding from hell but fortunately, I had sufficient equipment and knowledge to get over the problems.. in fact I've just had the B&G down to see the shots yesterday and they were delighted with the results but, what happens if this guy with his single camera with cheap lenses gets a day like I got?

Maybe I'm just getting paranoid in my old age, or even cynical and a moaning old f^^t, but it seems to me that anyone and everyone who buys a half decent camera these days, seems to think they can set themselves up as a wedding photographer and earn money...the problem is that in the UK, there are customers out there who will hire these guys, because they are cheap and only find out what they are like when it's too late! I couldn't bear the thought of ruining someone's wedding memories.. I mean how would you tell the B&G that you'd screwed up or your equipment couldn't deal with the conditions?

However, surely the customer is also partly to blame too for hiring them as the guy's two images I saw, were far from half decent so surely they are also partly to blame!
Maybe it's just peculiar to the UK or is it a world wide phenomenon?
Anyway...rant over and sorry for the moan!
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