Will E_P2 owners be mad? Will E_P1 owners?

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Will E_P2 owners be mad? Will E_P1 owners?

Looks like the new Pen camera will be quite capable and cheaper than the other models.

There was quite a bit of an outrage from a few E_P1 owners when the E_P2 got announced so quick after the first. I actually personally didn't see the real problem with it, I think people make choices upon what's available and I don't see the E_P2 competing or replacing the E_P1, but a "deluxe" model if you will. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

Looks like the new Pen will be more capable and cheaper, if the rumors are anything to go by. Keeping in mind this is a rumor, though we will probably be about to know for sure, would it bother you if the "Pen 3" was more capable for the most part than the previous two models, be cheaper in price (keep in mind looks like it will be plastic, maybe you think the metal aspect of the other is worth the premium)?

I understand if you rather not comment until the official product is announced which is quite sensible. Just trying to see what some are expecting and if this happened, if it would bother them.

If that happened, I feel a bit mixed. It's clear to me now Olympus so far is making this a consumer type line, no doubt. I still think it's fine as long as they keep the "keep it small" mantra that they seem to be following with their lenses for this new system (at the expense of some image quality, but small has its benefits within reason, imho). I also think that a slightly smaller and plastic lighter pen would go much further in appealing to some including me- I always found the current Pens a bit "too heavy" and fitting one in a pocket walking around becomes somewhat bothersome, in part due to that.

But seems a bit odd to follow up with a new model so fast that seems like it's going to be as capable or more- but I am going to wait for the official hopefully soon announcement before commenting further.

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