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Re: You don't get it littlefingers...

Sorry to be slightly OT (in a Canon forum), but I've seen the idea of Fuji launching a backlited sensor camera again and again, and, well, without any backing for it :). If Fuji is to launch something in m43, it will be an EXR sensor. Which is quite different from an Exmor sensor, which is a commercial marketing term for some backlit sensors of Sony's.

OTOH, to return to the topic, a m43 sensor based on EXR would definitely bring significant advantages to the table, given how their sensors compare to standard CCDs in low light performance (and DR). with such big pixels (compared to all EXR sensors so far), it would have significant DR advantages in high DR mode, as well as great low light pefrormance versus allo m43 seen so far.

I do hope Canon comes up with a new toy, as I am now standing on a pile of lenses waiting for a small body, not too expensive, and able to get me some HD video. I suppose one challenge for them, unlike m43 systems, is to maintain some easy compatibility with their legacy lenses, or they'll get a lot of unhappy users. Most of the other technical issues have already been solved by competitors - not a great point for them, but hey

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