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OH and btw as for closed software solutions...

Don't point the finger at Apple too hard because they do use a lot of open standards.

OpenGL, OpenCL, right now I can't connect to my wireless router from the windows side. Oh which wireless hardware is the one that uses my imac? Atheros! Same one on many Window PC's. A cursory search through the web and I see many people complaining of the same exact problem I am having with Vista and Windows 7 (surprised since I thought win 7 was going to not have issues like these but it certainly is a step up from Vista), and not only Atheros but a few others.

Then a friend of mine tells me that when Vista came about Microsoft was trying to forced vendors the like of CISCO to adopt proprietary tools and protocols for "easy network setup."

What does Apple use for chat? The open bonjour protocol? What about networking- again more open stuff.

So you were saying about proprietary software solutions what?

Angular Mo wrote:

Seems, to me, that Apple has captured the creative, independent thinkers, the nonconformists.... even though, their hardware and software strategy is a closed conformist econo-system.

You want to buy your own pieces of hardware, build your own computer.... in the way that the personal computer industry started, then the PC is the way to go.

Just shows how Apple's marketing is so superior.

Come on... why must the iPad software be only from iTunes' Apple store ?
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