xxMP wars are Ridiculous - And here's why...

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Jason Busch
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xxMP wars are Ridiculous - And here's why...

People are saying, "Dude, Nikon better come out with higher megapixel camera, man, so like, they can be the leader of Canon and Kodak."

This is retarded, and they need to surf in the water instead of the net.

The Canon 1Ds and the Kodak 14n are STUDIO cameras primarily. Anyone who thinks otherwise, better have a laptop strapped to their butt and tethered at all times. Not too fun for those hiking or wildlife trips, and very tedious, to say the least. Actually, just go see a doctor to have a few 100GB hard drives implanted in your love handles--one on each side.

Second, since these cameras are targeting the higher-end user, there is no reason to say, "Yadda Yadda better come out with something better." Why? Because professionals who are shooting the Canon 1D, the Nikon D1x, and the Kodak DCS-760, already have equipment dedication. Yah think they are going to switch brands overnight because of a camera that has a few more megapixels? Nope.

Canon people will be upgrading to Canon, Kodak people will be upgrading to Kodak (maybe Nikon since they have compatible lenses but I doubt it because Nikon does not have a studio camera per se), and Nikonuts will upgrading their Nikons, or adding to their existing same-brand collection.

So, for the record, these new cameras that are coming out, are not swaying the competitor. It's only when we get into the lower-end priced DSLR cameras (D100, D60, S2, etc.), that the competition is fast and furious. Sigma has added another degree of separation to this, so we'll see what this means when the SD9 hits the shelves just before Thanksgiving.

For those that are thinking about a 14n over a D100 or D60, get ready for hell. You better have a fast computer, a sh!tload of RAM, and a hell of a CF card collection, or you won't mean jack. For files like this size, you better have at least 512MB of RAM on your PC (it's a good idea to check out a new computer with DDR memory at this point). And did someone say Photoshop? Oh boy. So, if you are only getting a camera based on megapixels, you better go to school, because there is a lot more to digital photography, than just megapixels.

Big MP cameras are now more affordable than ever, but they do have hidden requirements that a D100, D60, or S2 do not have.

Class dismissed.

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