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Re: D90 lens compatibility

Roger45 wrote:

Strictly my personal opinion...I don't see how the D5000 really gives you enough new things to replace a D40 with, so it has never interested me. Now the D90 is truly taking the next step IMHO.

Double the pixel-count, superior high-ISO performance, an articulated LCD screen and the jump up from 3-area AF to 11-area AF (Multi-CAM 1000 from the 2006 D80 and 2005 D200), doesn't seem like much new to you on the D5000?

Regarding the D90, it too uses the same Multi-CAM 1000 AF module from the D5000 and D3000 . So for $350 or so more you're getting a pentaprism viewfinder, an in-body AF motor, high-res LCD and wireless flash control with the D90. How many entry-level DSLR users need those things? Granted, if you want to shoot with a fast unstabilized prime, the D90 could well pay for itself with one lens purchase. Most entry-level DSLR owners don't even have a flash though let alone a fast prime that they're attempting to use without benefit of stabilization.

Though your view might be appropriate to your situation, there may be many other people who don't share it.

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