In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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There would be no complaints

cluna wrote:

Just to counterpoint this, if they did not do the 'correction' what would people be complaining about? increased shadow noise? Loss of DR in shadows, grain? If storing 12bit you are tossing info anyhow so is this evil that great? Just thoughts

The situation would be interpreted as the status quo for CMOS sensors because the noise figures would match Canon's. And you could still see all the stars and city lights that are supposed to be in the pictures.

While following the DSLR reviews I've long noticed the lower standard deviation results in the Nikon noise test data. I thought that was a good thing. Well it is, sort of, but it depends on the circumstances doesn't it? Now I understand that it came with a price. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

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