Why no mirror telephotos for DSLR Canon?

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re: judging by the output the Minolta AF-Mirror is quite good an option

ScottyNV wrote:

but they are the only ones to currently have a mirror-tele in their lineup.

I have and use the Sigma 600/8 mirror on my 5D2. IQ is quite good, if not as spectacular as that of the 600/4L... but at 10% the retail price, it certainly has a place in my bag. When hiking for a week, off the beaten path, which would you rather carry? 600/4L at 12#, 2' long or the mirror at 1.5#, 6" long... I know which one I prefer!

I'd not mind to have such AF-capable CAT in my canon bag at all,
it seems that ability to autofocus can make all the difference !!!,
many excellent shots there:

and even bokeh is quite passable:

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

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