New MKIV and Varsity Basketball permormed well

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Re: What lenses?

Allow me to clarify "No noise reduction", I did use DPP to process the RAW files whatever default it may apply I did not change. That being said I am not sure that DPP applies much if any as a default unless you configure it to do so. My noise reduction tab has a button marked "apply" which was not selected in the fork flow process. When using the noise reduction option there is noticeable difference in the output of the images. So again I don't think there is much of reduction as a default unless the end user configures it to perform that way. As for lenses I was using a 24-70 and 70-200, I think most of the posted shots where the 24-70. Either way it is splitting hairs the camera works head and shoulders above the MKIII in that environment. My MKIII came out of the bag for a dozen or so shots then went right back in the bag...
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