Canon 40D shutter release button

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G. Gray
G. Gray Veteran Member • Posts: 4,535
ONE solution, shutter release button

If memory serves, the switch in the PB is less than a dollar but they will charge you 150 to 200 to put it in.

One solution, Buy a wireless remote on Ebay for 20 dollars . It plugs into the side of the camera and bypasses the shutter button.
look up item 230333108789, or do a search for Aperture Wireless Remote C3

I have bought these for myself and two daughters and they work well. I definitely appreciate them when its 20 below zero and my shutter release is in a nice warm pocket

zane1 wrote:

I have the same problem right now. I could fire the camera with Canon Utility through my computer though... How much is the repair gonna cost? thx

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