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Re: Can This Be Accomplished Using Photoshop Elements?

sodekirk wrote:

Do you know if what you did can be accomplished using Photoshop Elements?

My next self portrait will include me in the photo twice, combined from two separate photos. I was planning to purchase Photoshop Elements and use it to cut myself from one photo and paste into the other, but looking at the feature list of Photoshop Elements I am not sure it is capable of doing it.


Hi Shawn.

I have no experience with Elements, so I can't tell you. I use Paint Shop Pro for most things, but with these two pics, I just used (free download) and a touch of Picasa 3 (free download) for focus/blur. It was a quick and easy process, quicker than typing this message.

Simply opened up the first pic in, added the second pic as a layer and erased half of it, merged the two layers and was finished. Since the two pics were shot the same, no extraction was needed, just erased what I didn't want...but you could also use for extraction if you wanted to.

Hope I helped and didn't confuse you too much...

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