d5000--- did i buy crap?

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kaylablairbeauti New Member • Posts: 5
d5000--- did i buy crap?

Ok, i have a photographer friend who ive gone to for anything regarding cameras lens, and such, and now... she refuses to help me bc she says i bought crap.

I cant sell my "crap" camera, bc i just bought it, and the depriciation value would b so low that i would get NOTHING out of it.

So, I NEED HELP WITH WHAT I HAVE... i realize i need a lens with a motor IN it..

i need a macro lens for this wedding ill be doing

I called Tamron, they make a 60mm and a 90mm
Sigma makes a 150mm and a 180mm
Tokina makes a 35mm and a 100mm
and nikon makes a AFS 60mm

What would you recommend. I feel like i sound like an idiot.. but whatever, i need help!

thanks in advance.

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