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Hmmm, strange. I presently have a D300 and a D700, and if I mount a 50mm on the Fx and a 35mm on the DX I see no difference in handling requirements. There's of course a difference if fields of vew are different (i.e. different focal lengths) or if you shoot cameras with different resolutions (i.e 12MP vs 24MP, but even then only if you print bigger with the latter).

I'm sure it's not the first time that this analogy is made, but it's similar to the case of CDs when they state that the medium may be able to expose imperfections in the original recording (which you couldn't hear on albums because of the extra hiss).

Mel wrote:

I have used almost all of these type models for many years now professionally. On the tripod, with and without pro foto strobes. Reflectors and the whole gamut.
I am saying simply , what I said.

When hand held and casual shooting, "I" have noticed that more shot discipline is necessary with my FF D3. Nothing more than that.

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