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Re: The 10MP G11 is an interesting story...

Mel wrote:

J Mankila wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

..... I'll also point out that the only camera company that seems to believe that customers will always demand more pixels is Canon. This has pushed them into realms where successive models get little additional impact in image quality, but look good on paper and in marketing charts. ....

There's been interesting development in the high end P&S market. As you know, Canon dropped the pixel count on the new G11. They also used improved image quality as one of the reasons for the reduction. So, perhaps their marketing team has learned something (even if it's simply copying the LX3 success formula).

I am sure Thom has a definite opinion about this happening and I too wonder why?

I am speculating that perhaps the very basics of hand holding such a model with a few less MP, may have been shown to produce the consistently better photographs.

We learned early on that going from the D1X to the D2X required better hold discipline. I see Canon also went to DX with the two latest top models? Perhaps when researching the broad user base, it was thought that less MP in a crop enviorment, produced the better overall results?

I certainly find that it takes less such discipline with my D2Xs and D300 vs the D3 for casual shooting.

Could just be me too: ~ )

I use the D700 and D300s together on a regular basis and have no idea what you are even trying to get at. Are you trying ot say the DX format is a point and shoot while FX is for more critical work? If so you are so dead wrong. They both take pictures handheld and on tripod and don't require more shot discipline than the other. Though good shot discipline is a goor resource to have. They basically handle the same. The biggest difference is the size of the pixels and the noise at higher ISO's. Other than that and the crop factor they handle the same.


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