Advice on choosing my first M-lens

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Re: I opted for the 35mm Summicron ASPH

MMehresUSA wrote:

You can get one in mint condition for around $1800-2000. It gives you a nice 46-47 focal length on the M8 and, if you upgrade to an M9, it reverts to being 35mm of course.

The 28mm Elmarit is a fine lens, and I have owned it as well, but it is slower than the Summicron and I find that the 28mm is too wide for my purposes, thus when I get an M9 it would have been sold. If you find yourself shooting at 28 often, though, then I would just get a 28 mm lens now.

I will probably get this lens as well, for the time being I think I will try the cron 28 and get to learn how to use the M8 properly first. Besides I need time to save up for the second lens. Thanks for your response. Perhaps you can share some sample shots using the cron 35?


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