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I would have liked a bit more

Particularly with the 24-70, I would have liked a little brighter exposure, but I wanted to keep it at ISO 3200 and I was at the low end of shutter speed for hockey. Also, that lens needs to be stopped down a touch in my experience. With the other two, the exposures were within the range I like them.

I wasn't blown away by the quality of the images at 3200 in this light, but as I said, I want to use the camera more before I start making statements. I will try the 24-70 again and bump up to ISO6400 at a little brighter exposure to see what happens there.

In nice light, I am blown away by the quality of the images - they're clean and beautiful, but who needs high ISO in great light?

I love the responsiveness of the camera and it "feels right". Hopefully with some work, I can get the images dialed in that match how good the rest of the camera seems to be.

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