A few portrait shots for your deliberation (CC please)

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A few portrait shots for your deliberation (CC please)

Hi all,

I've recently starting taking portraiture more seriously, having read up a lot and seen a lot of great stuff around on the net.

I'd love a few comments if you can spare them on 3 of these shots (Dasa 2, 3 and 4), taken using an SB600 firing through an Ezybox softbox, a mirror and white fcb for light reflection. The SB600 was fired off remotely using the built in flash in commander mode on my D80.

Specifically I'm posting these in the lighting technique (rather than the galleries) forum as it's that element which I am trying to build on at the moment.

I intend to do more portraits because I had great fun shooting these.


All comments welcome, including any suggestions for improvement. I only have the SB600, and can't currently afford a second flash, so am limited to a single flash off camera, and mirror/white reflectors.
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