Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: My results with!

Nirudha Perera wrote:

I wish Pentax would incorporate this process into the firmware. But I guess it won't happen now that the K-7 is out.

Since this is a problem that occurs in the K20D at all shutter speeds, it is unlikely to be fixed in a firmware update if if Pentax wished to to it in that it would impact on frame rates in continuous shooting mode. It appears that the problem is fixed in the K-7 and K-x, but that is by virtue of a redesigned hardware imaging engine (PRIME2).

One has to remember that the main CPU in cameras isn't very fast or powerful and that most time intensive tasks need to be off-loaded to the imaging engine. This takes about a second on the average for a fast modern desktop processor using my algorithm so would likely take many seconds to be done by the camera in firmware, but zero additional seconds when it is done by the hardware imaging engine as part of its data acquisition pipeline as is likely done for the K-7 and K-x.

Regards, GordonBGood

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