Protest photos - keep Cadbury independent - K7 - Jupiter 9, Sigma 10-20

Started Jan 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
Helmut_S Contributing Member • Posts: 829
Re: with you all the way

well, on one hand, only capitalists make good candy/chocolate, the stuff from behind the iron curtain always sucked...

on the other hand, Kraft and a few others will soon own all food manufacturing, and there will be no escape from their mediocre blandness. Velveeta, anyone?
see, it's really hard to win either way

brettmeikle wrote:

one minute they embark on a fair trade cocoa policy, the next the chief exec sells out for an estimated £12m personal windfall....any remnants of faith in capitalism goes out the window for me, but they were remnants.
oh, and the documentary photos are nicely shot and themed - good work.
Brett Meikle

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