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Re: Can't upload panorama

Tuputam wrote:

Adrian Godong wrote:

You can create a 500MP image easily under 20Mb.

Yes, so what? As long as the file is under 20MB, why do you care? Besides, several FF models (D3x, A850, A900, 5DII) do over 20 MP photos. So 20 MP is a weird cut off.

Exactly - why do you care? None of your cameras can produce a 20mp image (unless you extrapolate or combine several).

Get over it. It's not your site. The owners can set whatever limits they want. If you don't like them, go elsewhere (there are plenty of sites with larger limits, and also plenty sites that are more restrictive). Most members here are, it would seem, grateful for the facility. You on the other hand can only do what you do best - moan, in your customary argumentative way, for no good reason.

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