ERR99 on my lightly used 30D__Help Please:

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ERR99 on my lightly used 30D__Help Please:

I’ve searched the forms and googled this problem and it looks like I may need to send in my 30D. This is extremely frustrating as this camera has been meticulously taken care of, has less than 10,000 actuations on it and now I’m getting the dreaded ERR99.

I’m hoping if I outline what happened and what I’ve tried so far someone might be able to offer a possible solution before I have to send it off to Canon. Any assistance is, of course, greatly appreciated.

After pressing the shutter button I get:

Shooting is not possible.
Turn the power switch to
and again or
re-install the battery."

What led up to this:

I used the 580EXII rather extensively one day and for about a half hour the next day. The following day the battery icon was flashing on the top display but I didn't have a spare handy so I was hoping to get just a few shots off and I'd replace the battery later. After taking one picture it was recorded but the ERR99 code displayed. I turned the camera off and then back on again and it appeared ready to shoot but when pressing the shutter button I could hear the mirror open and shut and I got the same error message but it didn’t record an image like it did the first time. I tried reinstalling the battery as well. When I got back home I put a fully charged battery in and it continued to give the ERR99 without recording an image so I've tried several things in an attempt to determine what the problem might be.

If I don't do anything the message stays on for 60 seconds then the message disappears without recording the shot. I can then fire again and get the same message without recording the shot. If I turn the camera off and back on again when I see the message, it will do the same. If I turn it off and replace the battery it will behave in the same manner. I have tried 3 different fully charged batteries, 2 different cards and 4 different lenses.

I've tried:

  • TIP: CANON EOS Error 99
Scroll down to about the last third of the page.

I’ve also tried:

-Opening the lenses up to a wide aperture as suggested in another post but nothing changes.

-Three different fully charged batteries, 2 different cards (formatted in camera) and 4 different lenses.

-I've cleaned the contacts on the lenses, lens mount, the battery contacts on the battery and camera.

-Shooting at any long shutter speed such as 2, 4 or 6 seconds sounds exactly the same as shooting at a fast shutter speed (just a fast click that sounds like the mirror slapping). I've taken the lens off and the shutter curtain behind the mirror looks like it opens and closes as well when pressing the shutter button.

-I've cleared all my settings

-I've taken both the main battery and the clock/memory battery out and let the camera sit overnight and then reinstalled the clock/memory battery and a fully charged OEM battery.

-If I switch to continuous shooting it will only fire once (just like above) and behave in exactly the same manner.

-I shoot RAW 99 percent of the time but have tested it in Jpg as well.

-In MLU I get the same single click

-Timer mode same thing

-I read references to one of the causes being an AF issue so I’ve also switched my lenses to manual with the same result

-Sensor cleaning mode (page 41 in the manual).

If I use the sensor cleaning function the mirror will flip up and the shutter will open revealing the sensor but the mirror won't go down and the shutter won't close when the camera is switched off as it's supposed to. I can only get the shutter to close by opening the battery door and disengaging the battery (after the camera is turned off) but the mirror won't go down at the same time. The mirror will only go down when I reinsert the battery.

-I’ve shot with and without the 580EXII

-I had firmware version 1.0.5 and updated to 1.0.6 (not that that should make a difference but I’m out of ideas).

I've spent hours on this and I'm posting in hopes I may have overlooked something and someone out there might have some ideas before I have to send this off to Canon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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