Nikon evil

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Re: Nikon evil

sorinx wrote:

win39 wrote:

Maybe, if it is a really good 1" sensor, is really a small camera that will slip into a pocket and Nikon finally figures out how to make contrast focusing work.

What is the problem with contrast focusing? All P&S have this and some are very fast. Even 5years ago there were some very fast focusing P&S. Considering that in 5years, processor is at least 3x faster, I do not see any limitation of contrast focusing. Any limitation is in lens and at marketing department.

well there is talk that a few pixels will be used for focus. this would alow for extreamly fast AF and those few pixels would just need to be interpulated.

I see NP with contrast focuse on even older P&S as I shot sprots with a G6 for my HS news paper, prefocuse is one of my strong points now.

would rather quicker AF but what ever works for me.

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