Upcoming Europe trip

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Re: Upcoming Europe trip

I'd go with the 35mm 1.8. This fall I went to Greece and Turkey and took a 18-105 zoom and the 35 1.8. I was happy with my pictures and was glad I had the far ends of the zoom at one point or another. However, it wasn't until months later when I was reviewing my photos in Lightroom that I realized that nearly all my photos that worth bragging about were shot with the 35 1.8 (the stuff with the zoom looked along the same lines of what the average tourist shoots) . If I did it over again, I'd just take that lens alone. The zoom was too big a pain to carry and switching lenses caused dust to get into my sensor which caused extensive time been spent re-touching my photos when I got home. Next trip its the d60 w/ 35 1.8 and then rely on my pocket P&S camera for the few wide angle and telephoto needs I might have.

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