School type backgrounds, what are your picks ?

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David Zeno Contributing Member • Posts: 689
School type backgrounds, what are your picks ?

Hi everyone,

I've managed now to finally get a pure white background in my home studio, and get some good pictures of my kids, however, I'm finally realized the other day, that even with a 100% pure white background, you can't exact your model from that background and pop it onto one of beautiful background like Sam B on the retouching forum has offered up so graciously a few times. ( he's done so just this past weekend in fact )

I tried his beautiful background ( a 4000 x 40000 pixel ) jpg, and a picture of my daughter that was shot on pure white, and trying to make her look perfect on this corporate style background was not convincing, and would require too many hours to look right.

With that said, I've come to the conclusion that I need to purchase some backgrounds.

What do you use ? do you use the collapsable ones ? are rolls of a "school" type background available on rolls ?

Which is the best bet ? .... I"m looking for something that is good for 2 people, well 2 kids.

When I say a school background, I"m talking about the typical backgrounds that the photographers use at your local school for pictures when it's that time of year.

I'd also like to include corporate style backgrounds in my question... I'm not looking for backgrounds that are exclusively for school pictures ( like the ones that show books, or something of a school style ) more of a background that can be use for general use.

Thanks for any info, and help.


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