In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Mode 3 and firmware versions

Ravncat wrote:

I've not yet installed the new firmware onto my d700, should I hold off ? Or is mode 3 also killed with the new d700 firmware update?

Mode 3 was removed from the D3 at firmware ver. 2.01, from Dec. 2008; it was available through firmware ver. 2.00. This probably implies that D700 ver. 1.01 also lacks Mode 3, although its original ver. 1.00 firmware may have had it.

You should do a test to check your current firmware: Take a long-exposure black frame (lens cap on) without using long-exp. NR, then repeat using the Mode 3 method (LE NR on, but interrupt power when "JOB NR" appears on the upper LCD). If they look essentially the same, there is no Mode 3, but if the Mode 3 image has many more hot pixels - especially single ones rather than pairs - then Mode 3 works.

(aside, though im not sure i've ever been able to get into mode 3 without introducing vibration from turning it off anyway)

That actually doesn't matter, since you are moving the power switch while the camera is taking the black frame - not the image you want to keep.

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