D3S High ISO...wow!

Started Jan 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
Karl K Grambow Regular Member • Posts: 161
And I really...

Can't stand people that don't know how to read (or can't be bothered).

Did you not read the bit where the OP mentions he loves his Mark III and has a Mark IV on order?

Point is, he is a Canon user (as well as a Nikon user) and can clearly provide some valuable insight on the differences and benefits between both cameras. Maybe the post has no value to you but lots of people who are undecided between cameras read these forums.

So if the post holds no interest for you then just shut the F_ K up!!!!

LeonXTR wrote:

dont give a rats a$$ about how good or bad any Nikon camera is.

Why can't trolls leave this forum alone?You don't see any Canon user trolling in the Nikon forums so for Christ sakes drop it!!!!!!!!!!!
Go to your forum

And stay the F_ K out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let there be light

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