wildlife photograph of the year, fake.

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Re: Of course not - if the rules say it's OK

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

carl english wrote:

While basically agreeing with your comments I should point out that when money is involved "cheating" will often occur, re PP, its impossible to say how much PP has been done on an image, I remember one winner of this competition admitting he was not within 100miles of image when it was captured using ir, would that be cheating.

Since most photographers are not technically savvy enough to generate a fake raw file from an edited image (so that the editing is not just tags but in the raw image data), doctoring the photo submitted to this competition would be caught in the stage when the raw file is examined.

The shot of the wolf was captured on film using a Hasselblad. Still, the original issue which started this discussion was unrelated to PP.

Using an IR triggered camera system is fine in this competition obviously.

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