$1000 300mm F2.8 manual focus lens - dumb?

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Re: $1000 300mm F2.8 manual focus lens - dumb?

I was considering the very same lens about 6 months ago.

While it's supposed to be good optics and good value I figured I don't want the bulk of the monster if it doesn't absolutely deliver at 2.8.

The AFS f/4 can be had for just a bit more money refurbished (I guess we live in the same country and the US prices don't apply).

After doing my research I finally I went a bit over my budget and bought a AI-s 300/2.8

From the information I was able to gather it should be that much better wide open.

Focusing is very hard and I would say impossible without a better viewfinder screen of magnified live view. At least the stock screen of D300 doesn't even show defocus properly over f/4.

With cut down K-3 screen the focusing is still quite difficult and if the subject is moving it's pure luck.

But when the luck hits it's really worth it! No other lens of mine comes even close to the magic I get with the monster.

So my opinion is 300/2.8 manual focus is not very practical but can be fun if the glass is good quality.

I frequently use a MF 28mm lens and focusing that in normal conditions is not hard at all. I only miss AF in low light on moving subjects.

And if you don't plan to shoot wide open get some less bulky lens to start with.
And did I say the lens is really big?

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