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Re: RAW file write time?

trauma-hawk wrote:

at 2650x1920 on super fine (only higher setting is RAW)
takes 28 seconds to write to the card, but almost instantly, you
can shoot a second shot, wait a second, take another shot and so on
and so on. untill you get to around 7 pics then it slows to aprox
3-5 seconds between shots.

this explanation any better???


Thanks a lot, trauma-hawk, seems so that the D7Hi uses the 64MB buffer in all modes. That is what I wanted her to do - but with a Minolta cam, you´ll never know, if you get what seemes to be obvious to the consumer...

if you have a "procedure" to get the answers you seek, let me know,
i'm having a blast learning this thing.

I think that´s all for the moment. I´ve ordered mine on friday after I´ve sold my D7. But over here in europe I have to wait a while...

Dat Ei

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