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Re: pro focus and pro light

Thanks Dave, Richard, and drpankajshukla.

Pro Low-light is very good. Allows you to capture much greater dynamic range than other small sensor cameras. Doesn't out-perform dslrs from what I've seen but is a big step up compared to other compacts.

I've never got pro focus to work properly. I think you need to be very close to your subject, with the background a long way away. I think it's a bit of a gimmick that one, sadly. I've created that kind of effect with macros though using f2.8 and super-macro mode.

Both work by combining images so for best effects you'd need a tripod, but I've got acceptable images hand-held or resting the camera on something solid.

BTW if I want c&c on something I usually use the beginner forum and the fuji just to try and get the most help


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