D900, D700X, D3X, D3Xs, D700s likely outcomes and prices

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Re: sorry, you don't make sense

rhlpetrus wrote:

A 20MP D800/D900 with 1080 video at 3,500, with D700's body specs (AF, fps, sealing, etc), with very good ISO (almost D3s quality), very good DR and colors, would be the perfect all around camera, so strong competition in the entry-FF market.

Yes..and a pity I cannot add something to it! I aggree totally but it will not be seen as entry level, not sure if it is good to say.

The 5DII's body specs are pretty poor besides sensor and video, Canon users have been asking for a better spec'd smaller FF body for ages now.

The new bosy is totally not aimed at competitor outsight specs...

ScottMac wrote:

My contention has always been a Nikon 5DM2 competitor is needed and wanted but it's not here yet. Thom says a D900 with 18 or 20 MP, HD video (720 or 1080), $3,999 or less, Feb 2010. So I'll start there.

D900: No 5DM2 spec and price competitor in Feb 2010. If it's a D900 it will be less than the spec of the 5DM2 and much more expensive. The question remains if it will be DX instead of FX, 16 MP instead of the 5DM2's 21 Mp, 720 HD instead of the 5DM2's 1080 and over $4,000 instead of $2,700. This is where I part from Thom and others, if it's a D900 in Feb it won't be killer spec or moderately priced. It might not appear in Feb at all. I hope I am totally wrong about this.

D700X: I've been saying for a while that this is very possible in Feb '10 but it requires something else to happen (see below). If a D700X is Nikon's answer to the 5DM2, it won't be perceived that way. Why? Because it won't have any HD video and it won't be priced at $2,700, try $4,000, half the price of the original D3X. The reason this is likely of course is because it's the easiest thing for Nikon to do and they'll think it will appease people like me who are looking for a 5DM2 spec and price, but it won't.

D3Xs: The reason the D700X will not have video is because the D3Xs will, and it will be 1080 HD and it will jack the price back up to $8,000 and maybe even more. This, ironically, will likely be a bigger seller for Nikon than the original D3X, why? Because I might buy one, and I'm the typical buyer that would not buy a D3X primarily because it was over priced and did not have HD video, and, I might not have any other choice because of either the failed spec of the D900 or it's delay in release.

So, prediction, D900 either not in Feb '10 or not close to 5DM2 spec or not priced moderately. D700X likely in Feb '10 and followed soon after, or at the same time, by the D3Xs with 1080 HD video. Then soon after, the D700 becomes a D700s but the D3X disappears.

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