7Hi: My findings so far.

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Re: 7Hi: My findings so far.

hmo66 wrote:

Could you please let us know how is it's AF performance. Thank you

i have no complaints, i can only compare it to my olympus.

it locks on prperly 99% of the time. and when it does have a problem, i just aim a few degrees left or right and it finds something to focus on.

never needs moved enough to alter your composiion just a hair or two. but like i said, that is rare.
i was shocked how easily it focuses in very low light.

to sum it up, the focus on the 7h is much better and faster than my oly and i never complained about the oly for a moment. if there was an issue with focus in the 7/7u/7i, it seems they fixed it on the 7hi.
either that or i just dont know how to spot an O.O.F.pic.

I'm fat, lazy, dislexic, and on prozac.
The fact that i can't spell is the least of my problems!!


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