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Re: Fuji colour isn't

Alan Brown wrote:

. The majority wants big numbers (MP, frame rate, high ISO) and don't care for > the exquisite natural and photogenic look of the Fuji files.

natural.. in the same way that velvia isn't.. they do not record natural but 'pleasantly' to fuji lovers here. Landscape photoghrapers, rather, like what the film or the S series 'does' to the image.. nothing wrong with that.

photogenic is a personal determination.

Very true. Oly colours are different from Fuji, but are as splendid. But these things exist only in Jpeg. In RAW they are only tweaks. Personally I would be excited by Oly using a Fuji sensor in (m) 4/3, as 43rumors had it.

It's a shame that 'it appears' that fuji will not produce another S series.. It has a place albeit, niche. Loyalty is not a factor in the business world it seems.:(

As you see tech is really moving too fast. Barriers are broken every day.

However..I do want a better compact.. Nikon's compacts are (I have had a few) well below par in the market.. I want a decent larger sensor compact..around 6Mp would be perfect for me. I really hope Fuji will do one... 4/3rds wil be out of my budget I think.. or at least more than I will want to pay..

Well the idea is that Fuji will share its EXR technology and be allowed to produce a m4/3 camera. I seriously doubt that it will be a 6Mpx camera, much more likely a 12 Mpx binned, since the sensor is 4 times the area of the 200EXR

As a new entrant Fuji might drive m4/3 prices slightly down, as Samsung is doing, to the point where upper tier compacts are. That would well be worth the extra effort. Fuji has also the expertise to build cheap cameras, so that might happen, with a much bigger sensor.

The big advantage of m4/3 is the mount and register which is becoming a standard and thus allows higher volume sales.

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