In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Re: Example of detail loss and color shift

bob elkind wrote:
jim stirling wrote:

... And at the risk of giving the technical advisers a heart attack I would conclude that the aesthetics of the final image are paramount. And in fact if someone is looking at your work and counting the highlights reflected on a river I think you have failed. I have at no point contested the validity of the data , only made it clear that I see little evidence of it causing any significant impact on the quality of the results I can achieve.


The point I would like to make is that the aesthetic quality you've achieved has been accomplished in spite of this little Nikon image processing feature, not as a result of this feature. That's not a selling point that Nikon would be proud to make, nor one that will attract many serious photographers.


As I have stated in other posts , I am happy to accept the issue is a valid one . And from the simple contention that no camera from any maker is perfect, we do the very best we can with the equipment at hand working round any perceived "weaknesses". We are photographers first and foremost and beyond mastering the basics of photography , It is the compositional balance and aesthetics of an image that truly makes the difference. I would be genuinely surprised if I could be shown a non scientific image where this effect has had a devastating impact on the end result.

This is a 'feature' I would rather control on my own, and I see no compelling reason why this 'feature' should not be user selected rather than 'always on' .

Again if success in your area of photography depends on this , then It would indeed be a parameter you would want complete control of. As to serious photographers , there seems to be no shortage of incredibly skilled Nikon uses delivering superb results . But perhaps our definitions are different I would look for a seriously talented image maker whereas perhaps the more technically minded would consider a serious photographer as one with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the minute of sensor design. I think it is no surprise that many of the most technical photographers always reference Ansel Adams as I would consider him as much a technician as a photographer.

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