In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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and now Ladies, Gentlemen, Moon Maids... the Next Question is...

Thom Hogan wrote:

geo444 wrote:

is that bad median filter algorithm applied by NiKon BEFORE writing the NEFs :

  • 1 Hardware implemented ?... inside the low level DSP ??... Aie !!!

To my knowledge, it is applied by the ASIC after the initial data is put into the buffer as a "file" but before the file itself is stored on the card. That's why it used to be that you could invoke Long exp NR and interrupt that to get the original data intact: the file was there, but it hadn't been retouched by the ASIC yet.

(Even if) we Can convince Nikon to change the algorithm !


Yesss, we Can !... Oopss... sorry !

An ASIC circuit design is fixed once for all...
vs an FPGA processor which can be re-programmed on demand !

if it's an ASIC, we'll have to wait at least till the next generation D4...

maybe it's not too soon to add some pages on ?!?
... of course, with Marianne Oelund's cooperation !
something like these Eos 5d improvements TEAM 's pages ??


PS : this bad median low level filter has been designed for the D100...
a necessity due to it's very slow old designed electronic ?!
it's a pity this algorithm is still in use in THE D3s !
could we forget this old D100 ??
please Mr NiKon...

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