Mirror Slap Test Kx v Km

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Demonstration using second K-x body [images]

The SR problem is also present on my second K-x body. Below some results using my "standard signpost".

As a reference, I used a slow shutter speed with SR Off . Lens used in the tests was a DA21, and the target was approximately 100 meters away.

6 consecutive shots, 1/80 sec SR ON:

6 consecutive shots, 1/30 sec SR Off

15 consecutive shot summary (stars indicate motion blur):

Conclusion: the SR mechanism is contributing to motion blur, because with SR on and a fast shutter speed, many images show blur; whilst using a slow shutter speed and SR OFF, the results are consistently sharp.

Please note: I'm not interested in the cause of the problem, just to demonstrate to my retailer that it exists.

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