What do Pentaxians like?

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Flat view
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What do Pentaxians like?

I was just observing one of the Nikon forums, and saw a portrait.
the link is below.
Now, I want to know, your views on this.
But here are some of the comments the poster has got so far.

"Beautiful shot! Great light in this.. "

"The color of skin look perfect, you can may be try to put more on focus the eyes
nice girl "
"Focus is on the hair, not eyes"
"Beautiful pose and lightning. Lovely model too. "
"Beautiful and natural looking.Oh what it is to be young."
"Nice shot but but one eye is in focus & the other isn't. "

"Also, she has highlights in her hair. You could've benefited in the exposure there with a Speedlight for fill flash. "

Now, I do not want to be a grumpy guss, and this does not really apply to only the Nikon D300 forum, But I think that portraits like this are best left almost untouched. The skin looks like porcalin, the light is flat and it looks slightly posed. And the speedlight AKA flash could have helped with the exposure .

When did portrature become so complex? when did shadows become unacceptable, when being young meant having your skin "fixed"

I think that this is a very peer pressure based photograph, and I do not want to offend the original photographer so please do not refer him here on purpose.

Do Pentaxians (in general) fall into the catagory of liking this kind of stuff, or do we like more simple portraits for natural settings?

Flat view
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