Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

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Re: Paper-feed problems with Epson 1400 SOLVED!

Yes - as you found - some papers have dusty surfaces, the dust from which gets transferred to the feed rollers - and in time muck up the general interior rollers and drive mechanisms. This is also especially a problem with laser printers. I have always (different makes) had to regularly clean the feed rollers during printing sessions using laser printers. The worse I found was the eco-friendly Kyocera range - I wnrt back to an older, far better and far more reliable OKI fairly quickly. BTW - the Kyocera had to be changed as it totally jammed after the first 15 copies from new. So much for believing "Test Reports" and recommendations in the press.

When mounting prints, many methods failed due surface dust on many mounting boards preventing good contact between the mounting material (e.g. dry mount tissue, spray mounts, adhesive sheets for pressure mounting, etc.). The worse boards were in fact the most archival, like Museum Board as one example.

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