those 128 GB cards

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Re: those 128 GB cards

OSAM wrote:

I'd never use a 128gb card and, frankly, find that size absolutely useless. It's ridiculous to have so much space: hell it's more than any of my computers before this one has had.

My friends said that about my 110 MB hard drive way back when.

Right now, I am sitting here looking at 8 TB of space on my home network and wondering how I can afford to increase it. I could easily fill 100 TB of disk space with video, if I could afford it.

128 GB cards? Still not big enough. 1 TB cards? Bring them on, because there are 50 megapixel cameras out there right now and DSLRs and Camcorders shooting HD video and it is not going to stop. The need for storage space is increasing exponentially. They are not keeping up as well as they should be.

I've heard of people buying the 64gb cards as "backup" in case their computers die or their harddrives take the plunge. I hardly think that Flash memory, as good as it is, is reliable enough for such sizes.

Nothing is truly reliable, so we need redundancy, which in turn requires more space. It's a vicious cycle.

Hell, I have trouble with 4GB at a time.

At least these little cards are a lot easier to lug around than 3.5" hard drives.

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