My personal take on Sony and this forum.

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Normand Desjardins Regular Member • Posts: 137
My personal take on Sony and this forum.

You know what? I come less and less to this forum. And every times I come to read a few threads, I promise myself not to come again. But I can't help it... I want to know if Sony did release some rumors about new things to come and I here I am again.

Unfortunately, except for few posters like Brian Smith and others, this forum is not about photography. This forum is about bashing the brand we use instead of talking about picture taking. There is this couple of posters that turns this forum upside down... really. Whatever the subject of the thread, they will find a way to start crying their own frustration about cameras they don't even have. I won't give name. Everybody knows who they are... themselve either.

I am really new to DSLR... Why I use Sony... because I had Minolta accessories from my last bridge camera. Is it the best brand? I don't know. Is it taking good pictures for me? You bet! I am amazed every time I fire up my computer to see what I have taken.

Sony, like the other, will make many bad cameras and few five stars like the a700 and a900. I have personnally an a300. And ask my own Canon friends... it is no lemon. They all like the pictures I take... particularly the colors. That's a mix of camera processing and the magic of old Minolta lenses.

So what? Instead of whining on this forum I have decided to put my gear and my love of photography to test, I have started a 365 on Flickr and so far the response to my pictures has been amazing for me. The most important thing to my eyes, nobody asked about the camera I use.

So everybody... let's go outside and shoot... and come back here to talk about our picture taking experience. Otherwise, Sony is not going bankrupt... but this forum is.

See you!

(excuse my english.. i am french speaking... nobody's perfect)

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