A700 is no joke

Started Jan 15, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: The only thing funny is...

whitebird wrote:

And for me it was that worry that prompted the need for a back up body which would normally be a ridiculous (and needless) maneuver for an amateur like me. Such craziness isn't warranted with the other brands' systems. There's zero reason for Sony to have made existing A700 users anxious...a simple upgrade would have been perfect, and it would have been easy to do.

P.S. Well...maybe the purchase of a backup body was at least partly spawned by a fruitless trip to a Sony Style store to see if there were any more open-box deals that someone reported getting!

I did the exact same thing! It was a "no brainer" after I handled the a550 for a little while. Not even in the same league as the a700.

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