In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Re: getting worked up... or not.

cluna wrote:

bob elkind wrote:


There is good reason for the excitement...

  1. this 'feature' has been hidden since... forever. definite shock/surprise factor.

  2. yes, this only applies for LONG exposures. on the other hand, in many or most situations when exposures are deliberately long, this 'feature' is most obtrusive and undesired.

Hidden? Nawh.

Hidden: yes. It's not mentioned in the manuals (D700).

long exposure nr is mentioned in the manuals (the D300s says added to 8sec or more so may not be the same but I dont know--and u can turn it off).

In the D700 manual, long exposure noise reduction is described thus:

  • ostensibly black frame subtraction

  • kicks in for 1sec (or longer) exposures

  • optional (it can be turned off).

What Marianne has brought to our attention is:

  • not optional

  • arguably more (differently) destructive (of certain detail) than black frame subtraction

  • it's threshold is 0.5sec rather than 1sec.

Other than that, it's entirely as described in the manual...

However. what do you expect, NR needs to be done, you have a fixed buffers size and data has to be stored.

You're saying all noise reduction, without user control, should be perfectly acceptable for everyone and anyone. Care to qualify that a bit?

Problem is, a perfect exposure like is being used for this algorithm testing is not indicative of a long exposure where gaussian noise distribution will typically average out.

I'm missing your point. Please try again with different wording. Long exposure noise does not exhibit gaussian distribution characteristics, if that's what you're trying to say.

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