GBHIF - 7D and 400 F/5.6L

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Re: GBHIF - 7D and 400 F/5.6L

Hi Marq,

After I posed my question I did some research on sRGB vs. Adobe RGB. It seems that opinions very widely. It seems that for web and email use sRGB is more than sufficient. I have been using Adobe RGB mostly because to me it is a wider gamut. Then again I am no expert on colour management.


mschecan wrote:
Hi Kal,

I was shooting AI Servo at high speed but I didn't press the shutter down for the whole 13 secs., but shot several bursts, interrupting it when the bird wasn't changing much - it being so slow.

I haven't really settled on whether to use sRGB vs Adobe RGB yet. I thought I had the camera set to Adobe RGB, but now that you pointed it out I must have reset the 7D and forgot to set it back. I wonder how much difference it makes from a practical standpoint since I hardly noticed this.

Thanks for the observation.


Kal Biro wrote:

Very nice shots!

I do have a question. Since you have five or six shots per second it is obvious that you were not using the "fully automatic" modes. Given that, why are you shooting in sRGB color space and not in Adobe RGB color space? Just curious.


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