In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Re: gettig worked up... or not.

cluna wrote:

bob elkind wrote:

cluna wrote:

Guys/gals, this is only on LONG exposures.... Don't get worked-up over something that the majority ppl never take advantage of.

There is good reason for the excitement...

  1. this 'feature' has been hidden since... forever. definite shock/surprise factor.

  2. yes, this only applies for LONG exposures. on the other hand, in many or most situations when exposures are deliberately long, this 'feature' is most obtrusive and undesired.

Hidden? Nawh. long exposure nr is mentioned in the manuals (the D300s says added to 8sec or more so may not be the same but I dont know--and u can turn it off). However. what do you expect, NR needs to be done, you have a fixed buffers size and data has to be stored.

Problem is, a perfect exposure like is being used for this algoritm testing is not indicative of a long exposure where gaussian noise distribution will typically average out.


Er, two contexts of long exposure. Marianne was talking about an effect that initiates at 1/4 second. Not all that long... with VR I've taken some such handheld. The 8+ second NR is a different beast altogether.



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