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Scales USA wrote:

I'd be sure to back it up. I have had a CF Card fail and kill two DSLR's before we realized what the problem was. You can't recover images if the card destroys the equipment when it is inserted and powered up.

I'd love to know how a CF card failure could resulting in it killing two DSLRs. Is it like what they did in the movie "Independence Day" where Jeff Goldblum downloads a computer virus from his laptop to the alien mothership, causing it to blow up? (Boy, was that a ridiculous plot!) Did the CF card failure somehow download a deadly virus to both DSLRs, causing them to die?

Omany photographers have in advertently formatted the wrong card and lost valuable images.

I guess these "many photographers" never heard of photo recovery softwares that are widely available and effectively recover images off of formatted media cards. I remember attending a photo seminar a few years ago where the speaker demonstrated one photo recovery software by deleting all the images on a card, then formatting the card several times, and the recovery software was able to recover every image. I myself have used such softwares to recover deleted images off of a couple of my cards. As long as you haven't over-written the images by shooting over them, you can quite easily recover deleted or formatted cards.

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