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Mark H
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Re: RAW file write time?

Thanks for your response...

trauma-hawk wrote:

using 4 and 8 speed cf cards, it seems to write the file in about
15 seconds but in "about 3 seconds" enough has been transferred to
be able to shoot again.

...I'm a bit puzzled; surely if it takes about 15 seconds to write a RAW file, at some point when the buffer is full it must start to take 15 seconds between shots, regardless of the buffer size. Still, it's not all that important.

i paid $1289.99(u.s. dollars) plus tax(6%) grand total of $1367.00.
sorry, i dont know how to convert the currency for you.

Interesting. Shortly after I posted the question I checked the Web-site of my local photo shop. The D7Hi listed at £996 (U.K. pounds including 17.5% tax) the D7i is listed at £760, where it's been for some time now, so the new model is starting at a pretty hefty 30% premium. I don't think I will "trade up" unless the D7Hi comes down to about £800.

For what its worth £996 is about £848 before tax, which at the current $1.55 to the pound is about $1314. Pretty close U.S. and U.K. prices, that makes a change, U.K. is usually over priced relative to U.S..

Thanks again.

Mark H.

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